An elbow unfolds, an open hand awaits
As a expectant palm mirrors a generic greeting
Escaping from your tongue.
First impressions expire but maybe if I freeze them
In my mind I’ll be able to keep them for longer.

I didn’t love you from the start,
Lets play a game, I challenged myself,
A game I needed to win.

I needed to have the breath sucked out of me,
Remember the ripping of my lungs from my chest.
I wanted to give the stale air,
Give all of it away to someone who would keep it
In memories of throwaway flirtations.

So I played,
Played so well it was worthy of Odysseus,
I played to be worthy of a second glance.
Romanticizing the decrepit need for attention,
Undeserving became admirable.

I never loved you at all, I just needed
So I’ll defrost you and you’ll rot
Next to an imperishable impression I’ll always keep.

You – I didn’t love you from the start either.
You were a game I wanted to win, but I didn’t.
Or perhaps I did, intoxicated I tripped,
Out of the running. Out of the game.


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