Today was such a great day, despite the huge amount of work I received. I’m so incredibly happy right now.


  • I got a 7 on my philosophy essay
  • My chemistry teacher was in a super mood
  • I handed in my World Lit plan
  • The debate in history was pretty easy because no one really knew what was happening
  • I had chocolates at the Shangrila
  • I ran 6.5km in under 38 minutes (new best time!)
  • I Had pan seared scallops and a poached egg on a bed of arugula with truffle oil
  • I Talked to a new friend
  • I Skyped with my favourite boy for an hour
  • I Cooked pasta salad and quinoa
  • More than half of my philosophy reading was finished

And now I’m eating greek yoghurt and vanilla granola in bed. Also I have lost 1.5kg in the last 3 weeks and I am feeling significantly fitter and happier with myself.

Off to sleep for me now! Just had to ramble on about my newfound happiness. And for anyone who reads this, 55 days left until Christmas!

(And just for me, 53 days until I get my first present)


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