A Public Personal Bucket List

(Starting with the generic)

  • Kiss someone I really care about really really hard in the rain
  • Slow dance with someone to Sparks-Coldplay, Transatlanticism-Death Cab for Cutie, Falling Slowly-Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, Flume-Bon Iver (the list goes on, I’ll stop now)
  • Make a perfect batch of vanilla creme and/or pistachio macarons 
  • Have 2-4 children 
  • Actually be able to communicate in a language other than English
  • Learn to paint the nails on my right hand with my left hand
  • Get through War and Peace from start to end without starting another book
  • Have sex in an igloo
  • Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in a row without leaving the vicinity of one room (including the adjoining bathroom, obviously)
  • Draw something that looks relatively realistic, because let’s face it, I can’t draw for anything.
  • Cook a perfect lobster paella
  • Have something published, somewhere
  • Learn to love Hamlet
  • Go to EZoo, EDC, UMF and Tomorrowland 
  • Go to the above all in the space of one year
  • Learn to love broccoli
  • Plant a tree somewhere and name it after someone I love
  • Go to the Maldives
  • Graduate with a 45 (one shot at this)
  • Go back to the Himalayas at least one more time
  • Get married
  • Sit through one of Michael Sandel’s lectures
  • Get into Columbia and/or Yale, and go to Columbia or Yale
  • Have difficulty making the above decision
  • Run a marathon
  • Eat at Per Se, The Fat Duck, L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joel Robuchon 
  • Spend a full 24 hours straight in Starbucks
  • Spend a full 24 hours pretending to be someone completely made up
  • Go on a Eurotrip with my best friends
  • Road trip through the Rockies again with my family now, and once more with my children
  • Live in South America for at least a year
  • Hug a Penguin
  • Wake up next to the same person for and undefinable period of time
  • Love that someone
  • Lie under a waterfall again
  • Camp in the woods 
  • Write a poem and/or short story high
  • Make a piece of my own clothing
  • Visit Antarctica
  • Be Maid of Honour at someone else’s wedding
  • Get over my fear of falling
  • Stay friends with someone for life
  • Be one of those old ladies who drink martinis at Sunday Brunch surrounded by friends
  • Get a scholarship
  • Come up with a new word that makes it into the dictionary



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