When You Miss Someone

When you miss someone, miss them with all of your being. Miss the smell that you attach to them, miss the pleasant expression they wear when they’re sleeping, the sleep in their eyes when you accidentally wake them up before it’s time because the crook in their arm is just too tempting to resist. Miss the kisses you get whenever you see them and the hugs that you get from behind when you least expect it. Hold onto your memories, and hold on tight. Remind yourself of how much you love them, remind yourself of the times you’ve spent together. Never give them up, because they’re the only part of humans that grow more beautiful over time.

Don’t let this beauty dictate your life. Don’t live in the inevitable longing that comes with missing someone like a skin. Wear it like a thin silver bracelet, and wear it with pride. Most people won’t realize it, but for those who do, explain its meaning. Don’t be an exhibitionist; don’t wear it like a diamond necklace or a tattoo across your upper arm.  When you miss someone, know that you miss them, and know that that should be enough. Don’t expect everyone else to understand; unless you’re extremely lucky, they wouldn’t have been in the same situation. They’ll try to understand, but there’s only so much that can be done. Help them to help you, try your hardest to be happy, if you wear a smile long enough, I’m not saying you’ll stop missing them, but you sure as hell will feel better. It just takes a while is all.

Don’t stop missing someone. As I said, hold onto it tight. But don’t think there has to be an exchange between missing someone and living for yourself, you can do both. It took me a while to realize that, but it’s probably the most valuable lesson I have learnt. It’s not like you’ll miss them any less, but maybe it makes you appreciate what you live a little more, and you’ll probably love the people around you, or even far away from you, a whole lot more.


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